Taveuni Estates Land For Sale, Ocean View On Taveuni, Fiji

 Taveuni Estates Land for Sale and Info on Taveuni Island Fiji

Here on Taveuni Estates Land for Sale on Taveuni you will find more than a third of the island is covered in rainforest. It’s surrounding waters are protected. Dormant volcanoes await exploration, hiking trails lead you through the island’s rugged centre and there’s an abundance of nature to be found on the land, in the skies, and under the water. If you’re looking for a nature escape, look no further than Taveuni, also known as the garden island.

To immerse yourself in all of that greenery, trek deep into the vast Bouma National Heritage Park, where endemic flora and fauna and three, tiered waterfalls await. Another wild walk can be had by starting at the rugged south-eastern coast. The Lavena Coastal Walk will then lead you across abandoned beaches, past rocky rivers and into the thick shadow of the rainforest, where the only sound are the squawking of the birds, rustling of the leaves and the distance rush of a hidden waterfall.

To get well off the beaten track, climb to the top of Des Voeux Peak, Fiji’s second- highest mountain. Native birds rule the roost here, and you should look out for the blue crested flycatcher and orange dove on your four-hour ascent. While catching your breath at the peak, scan the horizon to see if you can spot Lake Tagimaucia in the distance.

Divers shouldn’t miss the Somosomo Strait that creates a coral wall between Taveuni and Vanua Levu. This is a popular dive site, but with good reason as the soft coral floats like flowers in bright pinks and purples, hiding an abundance of life which the clear waters make easy to see, Barracudas, reef sharks and manta rays are some of the bigger fish you’ll see.

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Taveuni Estate Map on Taveuni, Fiji Islands where you will find Taveuni Estates Land for Sale

Taveuni Estates Map on Taveuni Fiji

Price $20,000.00 to $25,000.00 Fiji Dollars