Fiji’s OPEN


Yesterday was ‘FIJI DAY’ and as part of the celebrations the Prime Minister addressed the country announcing that after almost 2 years Fiji will open its borders to the world on 1st DECEMBER 2021, yesterday was a GOOD day.
Fiji’s international border for tourism will re-open firstly to a list of travel partners, which includes Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Qatar, Germany, Spain, France, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan and most Pacific Island Countries and Territories. To come to Fiji, travellers must have spent at least 10 days in any of these places. This list isn’t fixed, Countries can be added as they achieve widespread vaccination of their populations.
Of course each country must open its own borders first, but Fiji will be ready, we are doing our part and cannot wait to welcome you home.   
For more information on Fiji travel conditions, visit:
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