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Lomani, meaning ‘In Love’ in Fijian, is a very unique opportunity to purchase 2 acres of ocean view, freehold resort and home land on Taveuni, Fiji which, amongst many other features, offers the most amazing sunsets ever seen over the Somosomo Straits (literally have to be seen to be believed).

As a prospective buyer, there are many attractive options including operating Lomani as a:

·       Private holiday home

·       Investment rental

·       Rental and private use

·       Development – one large home on 2 x acres or 2 separate developments each on 1 acre

The property of 2 acres of ocean view freehold land was purchased in 2006.

After completion of the development, Lomani was operated as an investment rental whilst also enjoyed by the owners when time permitted.

Prior to the onset of COVID, the rental bookings (through AirBnB, Booking.Com, VRBO etc etc) meant that Lomani operated at a profit whilst also affording the owners a opportunity to enjoy it occasionally.

Being situated on 2 acres (with 2 separate 1 acre titles) this ocean view freehold resort and home Lomani also offers amazing development opportunity (including a luxury home for private use and rental or 2 separate developments each with their own 1 acre of ocean view free hold land).

Lomani Video Ocean View Taveuni Fiji

Subject to the terms of any sale, the existing rental listings and Lomani’s own website could be transferred to a prospective buyer along with all existing plant, furniture etc – as seen on the website photos (a full listing can be provided upon request).

The property has a manager and local staff as well as an agreement in place for Lomani’s own Taveuni activities and food and beverage services.

The owners are now in the process of connecting Lomani to EFL reticulated power which will avoid the need for the use of our generator and also allow power generated through our solar system to be fed back into the EFL power and drive additional revenue.

Further information available upon request.

Check out Taveuni Tourism Association for more information also


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