Taveuni Freehold Land For Sale, Taveuni Estates, Ocean View….NOW SOLD

Upper Lot with Incredible Views

This Taveuni freehold land for sale is located at one of the highest points within the Estate on Dateline Drive. The lot is in Unit 6 just off Ratu Penaia Drive. The property runs in a loop around the Taveuni freehold Estates from the Coastal Road.

Most lots on Taveuni Estates enjoy wonderful ocean views across the Somosomo Strait. Therefore from this higher elevation 1300 feet the view is truly majestic.

Taveuni freehold land

The higher altitude results in a cooler microclimate. Therefore this is beneficial to some plants, fruits and vegetables. In other words it would be a lot harder lower down the Estate. In addition coffee and strawberries have been successfully grown on neighboring lots.

Also in the spirit of self sufficiency, higher rainfall allows more rainwater collection. For mains supply the “mother tank” is located at the top end of Dateline Drive therefore you will always have lots of water.

For those seeking a cooler location with a “top of the world” vibe, this Taveuni freehold land for sale may be just what you’re looking for.

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For more information we would more than happy to call you anywhere in the world therefore we can answer all your questions and put your mind at ease that buying Taveuni freehold land in Fiji is a lot easier than you may think.

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