Taveuni Estates Property Ocean View

Taveuni Estates Property top of the estate with beautiful ocean views
Taveuni Estates Ocean View Lots Now Under Contract

Taveuni Estates Property Now Under Contract two beautiful lots with spectacular views from the top of Taveuni Estates.

What is Taveuni Island known for?

Taveuni is known as “the garden island of Fiji” because of its abundant plant life, which includes several species found only on the island. Bouma National Heritage Park, on the eastern side, contains pristine rainforest and three waterfalls, each some 65 feet (20 metres) high. Copra is the chief product.

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How many villages are in Taveuni?

Taveuni has eight villages Somosomo, Bouma, Weilagi, Vidawa, Lavena, Navakawau, Naselesele and Tavuki with a total of four settlements namely Matei, Waiyevo, Wairiki and Salialevu.

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How long does it take to drive around Taveuni?

Getting Around the Island of Taveuni

It may be a small island but it still takes around 2 hours to drive from the southside to the north side of the island simply due to road conditions.

How do you pronounce Taveuni Island?

Taveuni (pronounced [tāhvéuni]) is the third-largest island in Fiji, after Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, with a total land area of 434 square kilometres (168 square miles).

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How many people live on Taveuni?

With a population of around 12,000 inhabitants, virtually all of whom live in traditional Fijian villages, Taveuni is sparsely populated. Once known for its coconut plantations, Taveuni’s attractions include world class diving.

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Is the Taveuni volcano active?

Abstract. Taveuni, a 437-km2 oceanic intraplate volcano in the northeastern Fiji Group, has been active throughout the Holocene and currently has a rapidly growing population.

How do you get to Taveuni Island Fiji?

The most direct way to get to the island is by airplane. taveuni has an airport at Matei, and you can fly in from the main island of Viti Levu from either Nadi International or Nausori Airport (Suva).

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