Freehold Island Property on Qamea

Freehold Island Property on Qamea

NOW SOLD freehold island property on Qamea by Noble Realty. We have a sizeable land parcel on Qamea Island, lying just east of Taveuni. This 100-acre freehold lot is on one of Fiji’s most coveted islands. Open the door to a range of possibilities to the adventurous buyer. This freehold island property on Qamea has beaches and ocean views and a lush native bush. A secluded private residence, boutique resort, or simpler castaway style accommodation and nature reserve are your options 

Whats on Qamea

Taveuni and the neighbouring islands to the east – Matangi, Qamea and Laucala – are considered Fiji’s “jewels in the crown” . The higher rainfall and fertile volcanic soil and peaks give rise to rainforest habitats that are home to many species. There is endemic birds, spectacular coastlines, and an abundance of fringing reefs teeming with life and colour. Dont forget major attractions include diving. You can experience some of the worlds best soft coral sites around the Rainbow Reef and beyond.

Other local activities and attractions include deep sea fishing, sailing, surfing, snorkeling, hiking the rainforest trails. There is also waterfalls, birdwatching, scenic and underwater photography, kayaking at sea or inland. In addition locally produced virgin coconut oils, soaps, cheeses and yoghurts, flavoured sea salts, handicrafts. The exquisitely coloured pearls are now farmed and harvested right on Qamea’s doorstep and exported world wide.

A perfect environment to find a potentially profitable niche for a lifestyle business. You may also chill out and enjoy the tropical sun, cool cocktails, glorious sunsets and starry starry skies !

Are you up for it ?

Please remenber you can contact Noble Realty at any time for information on moving to Fiji. Also will will give you info to what is needed to buy land or a home in Fiji. We are always happy to answer your questions and give you good advice on your move to this tropical paradise.