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Freehold Ocean View Home

Lovely layout in this Freehold Ocean View Home
Lots of wood in this lovely home high up on Taveuni Estates

Freehold Ocean View Home

Freehold Ocean View Home, here we have a great opportunity to purchase a two bedroom home with amazing views high up in Taveuni Estates, which due to family circumstances is priced for a quick sale. This is one the highest elevated homes within the estate with upper decking and solid, flat concrete foundation area under the main deck that can double as a social area. Either way you get to take in scenic vistas stretching down to south Taveuni, across the reefs of the Somosomo Strait, Viani Bay and the hills and moutains of Vanua Levu. At this altitude the climate is a little cooler, breezier, and more rainfall – a benefit to gardens and backup water catchment.  

Taveuni Estates Taveuni Fiji Island Ocean View Home Now On The Market

More on this Freehold Ocean View Home

This Freehold Ocean View Home has been closed up for some time but kept clean and tidy by caretakers who reside in a small cottage lower down the lot. At the main house water is supplied from Taveuni Estates mains, and off-grid solar equipment panels, inverter/charger controller, batteries is installed. A small shed provides space and soundproofing for backup generator.

Two backup water tanks are at the rear of property elevated higher up the lot to provide pressure when required.   A winding driveway leads up from the road with a lower parking space before the security gates, and a level parking area within the main compound. The gardens are planted with tropical flowers, bushes and a variety of attractive palms.   From the lower concrete foundation platform steps lead to the upper deck which wraps around 3 sides of the house – and the views will cause anyone to pause for a few moments once they reach the top step. The deck is a generous size given the likelihood any owner would want to spend as much time as possible taking in the scenery, birdlife, rainforest and reefs.  

Inside the Home

Inside we have a fully furnished open plan living area and kitchen with appliances installed and plenty of below counter drawers and cupboard space, plus store room / pantry areas. High ceilings and interior walls that stop short of the ceiling allow for good airflow, with timber louvres on exterior windows. The main deck can be accessed through double doors on either side of the interior living area.   Each side of the living area is a bedroom – 1 master and one guest, both with en suite bathroom and outside shower areas. The master also features a walk-in closet wardrobe.   Althought the property has been boarded up for some time it is in good condition, clean and tidy, furnished for immediate occupation with functioning water and power supply and represents a great value-for-money deal.

Asking $265,000.00 US Dollars

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