Freehold Taveuni Land For Sale

Taveuni Freehold Land For Sale

Taveuni Fiji freehold land has long been sought after as the showcase property in Taveuni Fiji. Taveuni long considered the garden island of Fiji has a long history of returning expats who have enjoyed the island for its beauty, and adventure. Many expats have also bought Freehold Taveuni Land For Sale to escape the busy world outside and consider Taveuni their home.

More About Freehold Taveuni Land For Sale

The island has also been in big demand by the local population as a place to retire and farm as the soil is some of the best in Fiji and the world.
Taveuni Fiji freehold land on Taveuni Estates is a large residential development in the centre and on the west coast of the island. It is the shinning star of Fiji as expats come from all over the world to buy and own freehold land. Freehold land means you get a Certificate of Title to keep and you are able to sell when and where you want. Taveuni Estates originally known as Soqulu was a working plantation at one time and has since been developed into this beautiful residential estate.

Land Law

In 2016 the Government changed the land laws in Fiji for expats buying raw land property and have encouraged owners now to build on the land thus avoiding land banking in the eyes of the country. Many expats bought many of these properties years ago and for many reasons can not build and come back to Fiji. Thus the prices for freehold vacant property hit rock bottom even though houses on Taveuni have pretty much held their value just to note. That is why now the lots on Taveuni Estates are at remarkable bargain price for everyone to take advantage off.
Noble Realty has a selection of parcels of Freehold Taveuni Land For Sale starting at $25,000.00 Fiji dollars which is an unbelievable price for an acre of land with ocean views, water hook up and garbage collection. If you plan as an expat to come to Taveuni Estates on Taveuni and buy a lot and build your dream home this is the place to do it. (For locals the Land Law does not apply).

Now Available Freehold Lots $25,000.00 Fiji Dollars