Oceanview from this 10 acre Farmland and Homestead

Farmland and Homestead

Farmland and Homestead Freehold Naiyalayala Farmland For Sale.

This farmland and homestead is an opportunity not to be missed by people who have a passion for farming and to generate income which is almost everybody’s dream as an alternative form of income.

Farmland and Homestead Location

This 10-acre, freehold, farmland is situated at an altitude where ocean-viewing is magnificent with colorful evening sunsets and super morning greens and bright sunshine. It is a property in the Naiyalayala cooperative which is in the central of Taveuni. This FARMLAND AND HOMESTEAD property has road access which is maintained by the cooperative workers on regular bases. The property is very close to shops in Wairiki for generally everything that you may need. Hospital, Primary and Secondary Schools, Post Office and the fuel dept are within 10 to 15 minutes driving distance from the property.

This FARMLAND AND HOMESTEAD property also has a well-designed two-bedroom wooden and corrugated iron structured house. Additionally the home has a rainwater harvesting system. The property also has a provision for EFL power supply which has not reached this property yet. Other properties in this area have EFL power supply. The farmland is about 60% covered with two-year-old Yaqona plants (Kava plants) and dalo. There is lots of space for other types of farming, including vegetables and livestock.

For people who are bird watchers this altitude offers many different types of birds to view and hear.

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