Land Sales Act amendment

Please note that the law on construction of new residential dwelling has been changed from 2 years to 5 years from date of purchase.   For those recent new buyers whose 2 years was running will now have 5 years effective from the date of their purchase.   The law comes in force from 1 August 2023.   Submitted for your information.

Remaining COVID-19 Related Border Measures Removed


Effective yesterday, 14 February 2023, international travellers to Fiji are no longer required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination and travel insurance.   This move comes following careful consideration of the global and national COVID-19 situation by the COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Taskforce (CRMT) and applies to both arrivals by air and sea.    Previously, all travellers 16 years and above were required to produce proof of full vaccination and travel insurance covering COVID-19.   Consistent with the experience in other countries with high vaccination rates, Fiji will no longer have any COVID-19-related border health measures.    Fiji’s Border Authorities will continue to review border health measures and maintain community surveillance for early warning of future threats while fostering socio-economic recovery. 
Vinaka and kind regards,   Fantasha Lockington Chief Executive Officer Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association 42 Gorrie Street, Suva E: PH: (+679) 7770137

A Big Welcome to Our New Sales Person On Taveuni

A Big welcome

Am enormously proud to announce Anil Shankaran joining the Noble Realty team on Taveuni.

Anil is a resident of Wairiki and is Taveuni’s own, born and bred local. Anil completed primary and secondary education at Holy Cross Primary and  Holy Cross College, on Taveuni Island. Anil then spent most of his time teaching at various secondary schools on the island where he excelled in becoming a principle. Mr. Shankaran has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, ambition in many of the aspects of a skilled leader who always maintained his professionalism and is always honest with his work. He has excellent communication skills, and we are certain that the skills and abilities he has developed will allow him to excel in any job. Mr. Shankaran’s remarkable talents for business, management, and communication make him uniquely qualified to serve as a Real Estate Agent with Noble Realty.

You can contact Anil directly on Taveuni at +679 9281788 or email at

A Big Welcome again, welcome aboard Anil.

Please lets welcome our new salesperson on Taveuni, Anil Shankaran