Stephen worked tirelessly and he went well above the expectations of a selling agent.   Noble Realty is the only agent in Fiji that I would trust to get the job done.   Stephen gets a five star rating from me.  

Andy (Seller)

Brandon Craig

Thanks to Stephen Noble, I was able to pursue the property of my dreams. Stephen has the experience and local knowledge of the area to assist and provide professional guidance in finding your future estate. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have worked with a genuine professional who cares about your decision and looks out for your best interest in finding a place in Fiji. Thanks again Stephen, I couldn’t have made this dream happen without you.  

Sincerely,   Brandon Craig (Buyer) 


Dear Stephen, Thank you for your assistance with the purchase of my vacant lot in Soqulu. Was a pleasure working with you. Cheers.

Caroline (Buyer)

Bill and Cindy Turner

Our story begins with me loving the movie  “Blue Lagoon ” and watching Survivor for the past 20 years and needing to live in Fiji .We then saw Stephen Noble on “Off the Grid House Hunters” Fiji and said to each other” hey let’s go to Fiji for our first time out of the country experience”. We then decided to spend three weeks for my husband’s 60th birthday on the main island of Fiji, and also in Kadavu. We returned home and checked out Nobles listings on the internet and fell in love with our Taveuni home. The main Island was too crowded for us and Kadavu was too remote so we decided on Taveuni because it was the best of both worlds.  Never setting foot on Taveuni we sold everything in the USA, packed our bags and set off to live in Paradise forever. All of the videos and movies that I had seen of Taveuni were nothing like actually being here in this beautiful tropical oasis. Stephen got right to work as soon as we arrived. He even had the caretaker give the grass a fresh mowing. We saw our home on the 4th day here in Fiji with Stephens associate Anil Shankman . Even though we still to this day have never physically met Stephen Noble he has always been there for us, whether it be a phone call, email or text message. We were only in Taveuni for 3 weeks staying at a Bed and Breakfast when Stephen was able to get us into our new Taveuni home. He helped us get all of our Residency and Land title paperwork taken care of, and was wonderful with finding us a good lawyer to handle everything  from Suva, so that we did not have to travel back and forth. We have now been in our home for 4 months, and are so very happy that we chose Taveuni and Stephen Noble to help us purchase our home. Thank you so very much for all of your hard work.

Sincerely, Bill and Cindy Turner (Buyer)

Michael Gilson

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Stephen Noble of Noble Realty on the excellent service and immense help in selling my property on Taveuni. Stephen went more than beyond the call of duty as he managed my property for many years before we decided to sell. Stephen sold the property more than once but unfortunately the one buyer succumbed to Coronavirus disease, so we had to start the entire process all over again.

Stephen always stayed connected and communicated with what was happening in the transaction and always got back to me promptly. Noble Realty completed the whole settlement process right down to following my proceeds from Fiji to the USA. At the end Stephen was even able to deal with my Fiji bank and close my account.

To sum all this up if you need a reliable and trustworthy broker then I highly recommend Noble Realty. Thank you, Stephen.

Michael Gilson (Seller)

Thomas & Daniela Girdler

After 5 years of searching for a property in Fiji, Stephen at Noble Realty contacted us to advise that a property we had previously shown interest in had recently been reduced and that the Vendor was keen to sell. Having corresponded with Stephen over the years we did not hesitate and offered the asking price on our Taveuni home. From that point onwards, Stephen was very proactive in appointing lawyers and getting settlement over the line within 4 months. As a foreigner investor purchasing property on the other side of the world, Stephen was very good at keeping us updated via Email, WhatsApp and phone calls. We found Stephen very personable, knowledgeable, informative and professional – going above and beyond our expectations and his own responsibilities. 

Our whole first time purchasing experience has been straight forward and very honest, it was a real blessing. 

Many thanks Stephen, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Thomas & Daniela – U.K. to Taveuni

Yours sincerely,

Thomas & Daniela (Buyer)

Kenneth Honig

“Stephen Noble was very responsive and professional in pursuing a buyer and succeeding in selling my remote, outer island property. As in most transactions of this nature, there were numerous hurdles and obstacles to overcome and Stephen was prompt, diligent, and tireless in managing the process and safeguarding my interests.”

Kenneth Honig (Seller)

Malcolm McCallum

Dear Stephen,

Now that the above sale has been successfully completed, I wish to convey to you my sincere appreciation for the outstanding work done by you as my agent for the sale of the above land. From the time you were first engaged by me (17 Oct 2017), until the successful completion of the sale on 18 Nov 2022, you have worked diligently on my behalf in firstly, finding a purchaser for the land and secondly, by guiding me through the long and complex process of the sale, dealing with solicitors and the prospective purchaser;  not an easy task when the vendor and purchaser live in different countries. You have at all times kept me informed of progress of the sale and acted with great professionalism and diligence. I would have no reservations in highly recommending you to anyone wishing to avail themselves of your expert services.

Yours Sincerely,

Malcolm McCallum Major (rtd) (Seller)


Asilika Limateni Seeto

Bula Vinaka Mr Noble 

Thank you for your congratulation call yesterday. It was so wonderful to hear from you and the universe only knows how grateful I am. I really do appreciate such wonderful news and congratulative moments I received today. I would like to take this time to thank both you and Mitchell Keil Lawyer’s for your wonderful work, well done. How you both have made it possible for me to achieve something that I have been dreaming of for such a long time. I remember back in November 2021 when I first contacted you, looking to purchase a vacant property with your company”Noble Realty” and I remember how difficult it was at first since I had been misguided and misled by others which caused a great deal of misunderstanding and miscommunication between us. Additionaly to this was our trying to sort out the demanding requirements of my FNPF Housing Assistance” team and which lawyer was suitable for me to work with. Well, those moments were not fun at all to begin with as we bumped heads with our disagreements at one point while trying to come up to a mutual agreement. Yet all this gave me time to reflect, recuperate and accepted the constructive criticisms you gave me and which I took it upon myself to completely trust your advice and opinions which directed me into the right direction and to this day I have never regretted taking those steps and where I am now, officially a proud property owner. So, Thank you once again and Vinaka.

Kind regards 

Asilika Limateni Seeto (Buyer)

Lisa Strong

Steve Noble is the best real estate agent I have worked with in all my dealings in Fiji and the US. He is thorough, straightforward and honest ensuring that I fully understood the process and requirements of buying a house in Fiji. A great communicator, it is apparent that he truly cares for his clients and wants them to settle into life in Fiji with ease. Steve went above and beyond in all aspects – he made it easy to view the properties, acted as liaison with the seller to ensure questions were answered, helped in all aspects in getting the sale completed, and even followed up after the purchase to make sure everything was as expected. I cannot give a strong enough recommendation for Noble Realty. If you are looking for property in Fiji, there is no other person you should choose for your search other than Steve Noble.

Lisa Strong (Buyer)

Gina Browning

To whom it may concern:

In my experience, Stephen Noble, of Noble Real-estate, is second to none. His professionalism, knowledge, experience, care, concern, and expertise leaves one feeling that their real-estate needs  are being VERY well taken care of. I bought a house through him and sold the same house (and also our block of land) through him a few years later. He is highly recommended. (Thanks so much Stephen!!)

FYI to people selling anything in Fiji,  in case you are unaware: It is a requirement (per the Fiji Government) that your lawyer will have to file paperwork with the Fiji government to obtain permission before your proceeds (from any real-estate sales or bank balances) can be released, to be transferred from the lawyer to you in your country. This part of the process can take more than 4 weeks, FYI.

Gina Browning (Seller)

Brendan Self

Appreciate your support and guidance through this process. Looking forward to meeting you one day and buying you a beer. 

Brendan Self (Buyer)

Abel O’Brennan

I recently purchased some property in Taveuni Estates using Stephen as my realtor. Working in real estate myself means that I have very high expectations and Stephen did not disappoint. Purchasing from abroad adds a lot of layers to the process and the whole transaction was very smooth. I would happily recommend Stephen to anyone looking at property in Fiji.

Abel O’ Brennan (Buyer)

Matt Cammick

Easiest property purchase yet.  We found a piece of land we were interested in and contacted Stephen Noble at Noble Realty.  He found the owners who were keen to sell and helped us arrive at a fair price. We had a simple contract drawn up and signed within a week and all went smoothly from there. Stephen was easy to work with and answered all our questions about purchasing property in Fiji.  He understands Fiji real estate and we would highly recommend his services. 

Matt Cammick (Buyer)

Jeff Gurney

Gday Steve,

Just quick note to say thanks for all your help with the sale of the fiji block.

All monies have been deposited now. It’s always hard when your in a another country and thanks for you kind gentle reminders to get stuff done when we had to.

Hope to catch up next time your in oz. I hope you guys are all well.

Cheers, jeff and joan (Seller)

Robert Gurney

Thanks again for your help with selling our property in Fiji,  

We sold our property through Noblerealty and we found the process to be straightforward and hassle free, thanks to the proprietor Steve Noble. Steve kept us regularly informed on progress and the  details necessary for transacting real estate in Fiji. I  confidently recommend Noblerealty and the services of Steve Noble . 


Robert Gurney (Seller)

Jonathan Mitchell

I normally do not leave reviews but I felt compelled to leave a review for Stephen. Stephen was a great agent. He was patient while we worked through many issues that I had on my side. He handled the transaction and gave great input and advice when I requested it. I would definitely use him again.

Jonathan Mitchell (Buyer)

Philip and Stephanie Mills

Stephen has represented me twice, once to purchase a house I loved and had a wonderful time in, and again when it came time to sell that house.  In both cases, he did a wonderful job.  Stephen has an excellent system in place to make the process of buying (and selling) a house in Fiji a pleasant experience.  He understands how to lead an ex-pat through the process and has the contacts in place to make things work.  In fact, when it comes time for me to purchase another home in Fiji, Stephen will be my first phone call. 

I think one of the most important things that Stephen does is to stay with a new purchaser after the sale closes.  The first year after buying a home in Fiji can be one that is filled with questions.  Long after the sale is complete, my experience with Stephen has been that he is available to help and to offer solid advice.  I started out as a client, and now consider him a friend and trusted resource.  When working with Stephen, you have the tremendous advantage of working with someone who has enormous experience in Fiji and has already been through each up and down.  Along with this, he is a very positive person, so he can help with each hurdle not just from experience but with the positive energy of someone who has made things work over and over again.  It is simply great and makes the entire process quite calm and understandable. 

Stephen also gets the little details right as well, and this makes all the difference in the world.  Over the years that I have known him, I can’t recall a single instance of him not responding almost immediately to a phone call or an email.  In fact, an email usually generates an immediate phone call in response!  For me, this was an incredibly nice and impressive detail.  Again, it inspires confidence. 

There is no question that I would highly recommend Stephen, and will confidently and happily work with him again in future.  He simply makes everything work out. 

Philip and Stephanie Mills (Sellers)

Tony and Katie Grieco

“Bula!! My wife and I live in the United States and thought buying a home in fiji on the beach would only be a dream. Stephen Noble helped make our dream come true.

It was great working with Mr. Noble and I would tell everyone interested in buying a home to use Stephen. He has the experience and the knowledge to get the purchase completed for us. He knows all the answers to your questions and walks alongside of you during the entire process. As most everyone knows, you need lots of patience when buying a property in Fiji, Stephen gave us confidence that it would all work out and he would call me each step of the way. We love the house we purchased. We highly recommend using Stephen Noble.

Tony and Katie (Buyer)

Casper Pieters

To Whom It May Concern
I recently sold my double property at Taveuni Estates through Noble Realty . The owner, Stephen Noble, made an excellent video of the property and I had a buyer within one week! The enthusiasm and professionalism that Stephen showed throughout and his ability to get the buyer to come up to my price were extraordinary. Every step of the way, he kept me informed, and this was much appreciated. I highly recommend either as a buyer or seller to make use of his excellent services, which are transparent and efficient.

Thanks again Stephen for helping me close this chapter.
All the best!

Casper (Seller)

Ken Sale

It has been a pleasure working with Stephen Noble and I would highly recommend him to others.  Being a first time property buyer in the country of Fiji, it was great working with a seasoned professional who knows the ropes, how long things take and good attorneys to recommend.  My transaction ended up taking about the time that Stephen estimated, things don’t happen quickly in Fiji, lol!  He connected me with an excellent attorney, and the process was  smooth and in the end I have a nice new house, Bula Vinaka Stephen!

Ken, San Francisco, California, USA (Buyer)

Jeff and Karen Weigel

It’s always a challenge and it often takes years to sell a property on a remote Fiji island. It’s more of a challenge when a COVID Pandemic causes the borders to close.  Somehow, Stephen Noble of Noble Realty sold our vacation home on Taveuni, to an American, with the borders closed, sight unseen, 14 months after the listing. 

The next challenge was to move the process from offer to sale through the disruptions of the pandemic.  Stephen stayed on top of the process.  Key to this was the professionalism of the attorney he recommended.

Today, thanks to Stephen’s diligent efforts,  the sale is closed, Government requirements have been met and the funds have been transferred to our American account.

Thank you for your professional and efficient sale of our property. 

Jeff and Karen Weigel (Sellers)

Susana Wiese

I really wanted to buy a property in Fiji, but had concerns about the purchase process, and dealing with all the documentation remotely. 

Stephen was the answer for feeling comfortable, and being able to trust that it was possible to find a property, and bring the deal to closure! 

Stephen’s Real Estate expertise, knowledge of the area, transparency, and great communication throughout the process; provided me with the confidence to acquire property despite not being able to travel during these times.

I highly recommend Stephen and Noble Realty if you are looking for a property in Fiji, beautiful Taveuni or surrounding area, and desire peace of mind.

Susana (Buyer)

Alex Ivaschenko

It is a pleasure to write this letter of reference for Stephen Noble. I have used the services of Noble Realty as a buyer of a house in Taveuni during 2020-2021. First, acting on the last-minute notice from me, Steve has been very responsive in making sure that I would be able to see a few houses on Sunday morning, which is usually almost impossible time to get anything done in Fiji! Second, he has explained the whole purchase process well, and connected me with the legal firm to process all the legal paper work. Third, he was able to negotiate a price reduction with a buyer when he has found, just before the settlement, that the property generator (worth F$ 12,500) has been removed from the property by the seller. I have really appreciated Steve behaving with good resolve in this situation and representing firmly my interests. Finally, he has also provided a lot of useful tips about transferring things to Taveuni, getting settled and obtaining a house insurance. During the entire process (which together with legal work took more than 6 months) Steve has shown to be always involved, available to answer my questions, and ready to provide the guidance on how to proceed. As a foreigner buying a house in Fiji, I have felt very comfortable during the entire purchase process, thanks to Steve’s guidance. I can definitely recommend highly Noble Realty services for any of your real estate needs in the beautiful country of Fiji.


Alex Ivaschenko  (Buyer)                                                

Quintin Nidd

Good Day Stephen,

I just wanted to extend our sincere thanks, to you and your team, in facilitating the purchase of our property in Qamea.

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with yourselves, your local knowledge and professionalism made the transaction simple and painless.

We will certainly recommend your organisation to any friend and family looking to purchase in Fiji.

Best Regards,

Quintin Nidd  (Buyer)

Jill and Kenneth Roost

Dear Stephen,

I want to express my appreciation for your professionalism and perseverance. Selling remote property takes a lot of effort and time.  Your knowledge of the people and customs helped us through several negotiations.  You always kept us well informed from the beginning to the end, including frustrating delays associated with government 
procedures.  Your recommendation for a local solicitor was an excellent choice.  You certainly have Jill’s and my highest recommendation.

If you are ever in the San Francisco Bay Area please make contact with us.

Thanks very much again,

Ken (Seller)

Elisabeta Masikau

Bula Mr Noble,

Thank you for  assisting me and my husband purchase the property at Taveuni Estates.

We really enjoy your service and thanks for the great work.

Elisabeta Masikau (Buyer)

Peter Zu sayn-wittgenstein

Dear Stephen,

Thank you so much for your reply and confirmation that all is finalized already…We are all really very happy and want to express again our thanks for your great professional support as only results are counted at the end :-)…

Best wishes,

Peter (Seller)


I hope you already know that my mother and I are very very thankful for your great service that was with no doubt much more than we could have ever expected from a real estate agent! Thank you Stephen for making this possible and you effort in keeping things running for nearly 3 years now –   it would just not have been possible without your support and guidance! “Thank you Stephen for your excellent work and your assistance in all possible ways to finally complete the sale of our properties!
I am happy to fully recommend Stephen’s service to anyone. He reliably and constantly attended the sale from the beginning to the very end. His profound knowledge of the local requirements and administration was priceless and truly vital as the sale turned out to be much more complex than we had ever expected. But Stephen did everything to keep things running by countless follow-ups with all involved parties, solving unforeseen problems and keeping us informed throughout the entire process. Well done Stephen, you truly did a great job! Also on behalf of my mother – Thank you so much again for your great work!
Kind regards,  Stefan (Seller)

Monika Devi

Dear Stephen 

Thank you so much for your support in purchasing this piece of land. As you note we started the deal in 2020 June and finalized this week in 2021. There were lots of ups and downs along the way but you did not give up on me. Thank you for your advice, patience and guidance. I would have never been able to purchase this freehold land if it wasn’t for you. Always appreciated. Thank you Stephen. Kind regards Monika 

Monika (Buyer)