Wayne Carney


As a land owner on Taveuni Island for over 12 Years and a frequent visitor to this paradise Island. I want to assure all Investors buyers and sellers of the professional and honest services provided By Mr Noble. We recently sold our Land and as many will know the process in Fiji Government moves very slowly and lengthy delays can occur and no doubt most could be frustrated by these delays as most know the Term as “Fiji Time”. Due to recent legal changes to Foreign ownership and the law we decided to sell our land and Mr Noble communicated with us every step of the way and kept us up to date at all times on any changes and requirements. I encourage you all to do your due diligence on buying and or selling Land and Property in Fiji and the surrounding Islands and make sure you have the truth and the most up to date Information and be communicated to truthfully by the parties involved. The only way to protect your Investments is to engage Mr Noble and his Team. We assure you, you will get the Truth and can rely faithfully on his judgement and standing.I strongly advise you check with Mr Noble before you make any decisions on your portfolio or properties. Mr Noble is a Generous Man well known and a resident on the island a heavy contributor /Donor to Fijians in need and always there. Due to recent Cyclone destruction of the Island Mr Noble and his team have the Interest of all parties in hand continues the good work in support of those in need.

We strongly recommend his services and NO OTHER.

I can be contacted at any time to confirm these statements.

Vinaka Vakalevu

Wayne Carney Seller


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