Amish Patel

Dear Mr. Noble,

Please allow me to put my pen to paper to thank you for the recent land purchase transaction we have done through your agency.

My better half Cassandra and I were a bit hesitant to deal with a stranger we have never met and to buy a land from him which we have never seen. With a few words of confidence from my solicitor who acts for you as well, gave us a little courage to go ahead with the purchase.

Today, we would like to let you know that we are very happy that we have dealt with a professional, who has delivered the transaction without any hiccups. This sort of a Professional / Honest service, we have not found offered here in Fiji.

We have lived in Australia,thus our expectations on service levels are quite high. We would like to say, “You are the best we have found here and in Australia both”.

Finally and once again, thank you very much for your services. The land is on the market, if and when you do have a good buyer, please let us know and we can talk.Note this is exclusive to you only when you have a buyer, it is not advertised anywhere else.If we sell it it will be through your agency.

Kind regards 

Amish Patel
General Manager

Jack’s Manufacturing Limited (Buyer)