Audrey Brown’s Estate

It gives me great pleasure to highly recommend Stephen Noble for professional real estate services in Fiji.
I have been a licensed real estate broker and attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA for almost 25 years, and it is
rare that I am able to offer such an unequivocal endorsement as I am now.
More than two years ago, a client of mine here in Las Vegas came to me and informed me that his mother
passed away. She owned a beautiful 7 acre oceanfront property on the island of Taveuni. My client and his sister
had been struggling for some time already to obtain title in their name as the only heirs to the estate. They asked
me to coordinate everything from the States.
When it came time to engage the services of a local real estate professional, Stephen came highly
recommended and we hired his firm. From the first day, Stephen helped us navigate a very complex real estate
transactions that involved multiple entities, law firms and laws in Fiji, potential beneficiaries in three states in the
U.S., two law firms in Fiji, and estate law in two countries. He did this with diligence, courtesy, patience and
Stephen is a consummate professional. He knows the local market, customs, people and laws. He works
very hard. Because of these qualities, he has been able to develop an international clientele – on which he drew
to source the buyer of my client’s property – who came from Switzerland!
In the end, the Buyer got a premier property at a fair price. And, most importantly to me, my client
received full market value for his property. The transaction closed – and this would never have happened without
Stephen’s active engagement.
If you need real estate information or property in Fiji, there is no doubt that you would benefit from
consulting with Stephen Noble. You will be happy that you did.

Nicolas R. Donath, Esq. (Seller)