Janet Linnell

The services of Noble Realty went above and beyond in every way during our land purchase on Taveuni. Mr. Noble spent two afternoons personally ferrying us around Taveuni Estates to view the different properties we were considering. Once we selected a property and returned to Suva to complete the legal side of things, he phoned us regularly to check in on our progress and to offer guidance for everything from where to find a Justice of the Peace to notarize our documents, to who specifically we should communicate with at our attorneys office, to how long to expect to wait for different phases of our land purchase. He was copied on all correspondence and intervened twice on our behalf when miscommunications occurred with our attorneys. Although we faced delays in the processing of our land purchase because we were working with two separate vendors and orchestrating a new ownership title in two names, Mr. Noble was always available by phone or email to answer our (many) questions. As first time landowners, we are so appreciative of the extra efforts he put into advising us and hurrying things along during what could otherwise have been a very frustrating process. Thank you so much!

Claudius and Janet (Buyers)