Lesley Gurney

To whom it may concern.
I have known Steven Noble for many years. Firstly as a neighbour in Taveuni Estates
and also as Real Estate Agent heading his own company of Noble Realty. I was very pleased when he set up his own business as Taveuni had no Real Estate Agency which made it almost impossible to sell or buy a property.
Taveuni sales were difficult for a number of years due to various management and government issues. He was an independent who did not have to answer to other authorities. This allowed him to look after your interests independently.
He has put an enormous amount of effort into selling my property. He is always helpful, friendly and business like in his dealings. He has not charged for advertising which can be quite considerable with other agents. He has done everything he could to hasten the sale through various government authorities. He has performed duties outside of his brief to make the sale easier for me. For example the car registration had to be cancelled as it was part of the sale. He sent me the relevant papers which he then returned to the authorities. His actions helped me enormously as living outside of Fiji one doesn’t always know the proper procedure for some transactions.
I can fully recommend Steve to anyone needing a Real Estate Agent. Thank you Steve.

Lesley Gurney (Seller)