Philip and Stephanie Mills

Stephen has represented me twice, once to purchase a house I loved and had a wonderful time in, and again when it came time to sell that house.  In both cases, he did a wonderful job.  Stephen has an excellent system in place to make the process of buying (and selling) a house in Fiji a pleasant experience.  He understands how to lead an ex-pat through the process and has the contacts in place to make things work.  In fact, when it comes time for me to purchase another home in Fiji, Stephen will be my first phone call. 

I think one of the most important things that Stephen does is to stay with a new purchaser after the sale closes.  The first year after buying a home in Fiji can be one that is filled with questions.  Long after the sale is complete, my experience with Stephen has been that he is available to help and to offer solid advice.  I started out as a client, and now consider him a friend and trusted resource.  When working with Stephen, you have the tremendous advantage of working with someone who has enormous experience in Fiji and has already been through each up and down.  Along with this, he is a very positive person, so he can help with each hurdle not just from experience but with the positive energy of someone who has made things work over and over again.  It is simply great and makes the entire process quite calm and understandable. 

Stephen also gets the little details right as well, and this makes all the difference in the world.  Over the years that I have known him, I can’t recall a single instance of him not responding almost immediately to a phone call or an email.  In fact, an email usually generates an immediate phone call in response!  For me, this was an incredibly nice and impressive detail.  Again, it inspires confidence. 

There is no question that I would highly recommend Stephen, and will confidently and happily work with him again in future.  He simply makes everything work out. 

Philip and Stephanie Mills (Sellers)