Philip van der Riet

To whom it may concern
This is to attest that Mr Stephen Noble of Noble Realty was the
agent involved in my purchase of a property in Taveuni, Island, Fiji. I
have dealt with numerous real estate agents as I have bought and
sold a number of properties in different jurisdictions over the years.
Nobody has been better than Stephen in terms of integrity, efficiency,
honesty and attentiveness. There were numerous occasions where he
had to show flexibility and to assist with sometimes difficult and
unusual requests on my part, including having to accompany
engineers and valuation consultants to the property, and having to
deal with the delays and challenges facing a foreign buyer of property
in Fiji. He always acted promptly and professionally, in the interests
of both the seller and myself, and he ensured that the deal was
concluded successfully for all parties.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Stephen Noble to
anyone involved in buying or selling a property in Fiji.

Philip van der Riet (Buyer)