I hope you already know that my mother and I are very very thankful for your great service that was with no doubt much more than we could have ever expected from a real estate agent! Thank you Stephen for making this possible and you effort in keeping things running for nearly 3 years now –   it would just not have been possible without your support and guidance! “Thank you Stephen for your excellent work and your assistance in all possible ways to finally complete the sale of our properties!
I am happy to fully recommend Stephen’s service to anyone. He reliably and constantly attended the sale from the beginning to the very end. His profound knowledge of the local requirements and administration was priceless and truly vital as the sale turned out to be much more complex than we had ever expected. But Stephen did everything to keep things running by countless follow-ups with all involved parties, solving unforeseen problems and keeping us informed throughout the entire process. Well done Stephen, you truly did a great job! Also on behalf of my mother – Thank you so much again for your great work!
Kind regards,  Stefan (Seller)