Bill and Cindy Turner

Our story begins with me loving the movie  “Blue Lagoon ” and watching Survivor for the past 20 years and needing to live in Fiji .We then saw Stephen Noble on “Off the Grid House Hunters” Fiji and said to each other” hey let’s go to Fiji for our first time out of the country experience”. We then decided to spend three weeks for my husband’s 60th birthday on the main island of Fiji, and also in Kadavu. We returned home and checked out Nobles listings on the internet and fell in love with our Taveuni home. The main Island was too crowded for us and Kadavu was too remote so we decided on Taveuni because it was the best of both worlds.  Never setting foot on Taveuni we sold everything in the USA, packed our bags and set off to live in Paradise forever. All of the videos and movies that I had seen of Taveuni were nothing like actually being here in this beautiful tropical oasis. Stephen got right to work as soon as we arrived. He even had the caretaker give the grass a fresh mowing. We saw our home on the 4th day here in Fiji with Stephens associate Anil Shankman . Even though we still to this day have never physically met Stephen Noble he has always been there for us, whether it be a phone call, email or text message. We were only in Taveuni for 3 weeks staying at a Bed and Breakfast when Stephen was able to get us into our new Taveuni home. He helped us get all of our Residency and Land title paperwork taken care of, and was wonderful with finding us a good lawyer to handle everything  from Suva, so that we did not have to travel back and forth. We have now been in our home for 4 months, and are so very happy that we chose Taveuni and Stephen Noble to help us purchase our home. Thank you so very much for all of your hard work.

Sincerely, Bill and Cindy Turner (Buyer)